1. When booking your flights, check connecting times carefully. Too close and you may miss your flight if there’s a delay on the first leg. Too far apart and you could have 9 hours waiting around in an airport. For times when you don’t have an option but to wait a few hours and you’re not flying business class, consider using Lounge Pass to book an airport lounge.

2. Read hotel reviews before booking. Your vacation can be off to a wrong start if you arrive to find the hotel is nothing like the pictures on their website. Reviews from other travellers will help you get a more realistic picture of what the hotel is like.

3. Check in online and pick your seat ahead of the flight. If you’re traveling alone, you don’t want to be sandwiched between two strangers on a long haul flight. And if you’re travelling as a group, you’ll want to get seats together so you can stay connected during the flight.

Share your tips for a great start to your holiday.